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Assignment 3: food (and drinks)

Everyone raves about the French food. In fact, if you asked the average American about France they would likely comment on the cuisine. Although, much of it is not entirely different than much of what we eat in the states (at least in my family). The biggest differences I've noticed have been things like the… Continue reading Assignment 3: food (and drinks)

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‘Studying’ Abroad

I'm sure the title leads you to believe I am going to go on about all the traveling and drinking that surely takes up the entirety of a student's time, but no! Instead I am going to expose my own truth from studying abroad. See, I never assumed it would be all fun and games,… Continue reading ‘Studying’ Abroad

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Assignment 11: life of a college student

The life of a university student is France is incredibly different from American universities. As an international student it's been horribly difficult to meet French students, seeing that my classes are solely with international students and the French students have very little interest in meeting us in the first place. I've come to realize that… Continue reading Assignment 11: life of a college student


Assignment 10: Les Americans (french accent included)

Yikes, so American culture...I should probably make a podcast about this rather than a blog! Where to start...well to anyone that says there is so such thing as American culture you are simply wrong. Of course, it is difficult to group all Americans into one culture, but I assure you it exists. -French teens think… Continue reading Assignment 10: Les Americans (french accent included)